Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Addition and Subtraction strategies Slideshow

 My Reflection 
I was learning how to use addition and subtraction strategies.  I found creating the place value partitioning S.C easy because I already knew the S.C for place value partitioning.  I got stuck at the part where I had to create the S.C for rounding and conpensating because I forgot the S.C .

Thursday, 7 May 2015

T2 W3

The Mayor came to School!

On Monday the Mayor Len Brown came to our school to award us with the highest Enviroschools award the Green Gold Enviroschools Award !  On Monday everyone had to come the school early because we were having a very special Powhiri for the Mayor.  When we got to the Powhiri we had to be very quit.  It took quite a while for the Mayor to get to the Powhiri so everyone had to wait a while.  When the Mayor finally came we started doing the school haka and actions.  Then the school Kapa Haka sang a song called EIAIE. After that Matua Whienza said a Greeting the the Mayor.  Next the Juinor Chior sang a song and then the Mayor said a Greeting. Later the Mayor sang a song then finally we got our ...... GREEN GOLD AWARD!!!!