Saturday, 28 March 2015


My Reflection 
In class we have been reading Charlottes web by E.B White and we have also been doing some activity's that follow the story.  One of the activity's was stereotypes.  The easiest Person/Animal was the Senior Citizens because I only had to fill out to questions.  My next step is to upload some more Charlottes web activity's to my blog.

100 word challenge

Suddenly I saw

One day I was sitting in my spa enjoying my 20 million pancakes, watching my flatscreen TV when suddenly I saw my Dad in a Weatbix commercial!  I dropped my breakfast, jumped out of the spa and ended up hugging the TV screaming, "We're gonna be rich, we're gonna be rich!"  I managed to get over it.  When my Dad got home I said, "How much money did you get today?" And he gave me two dollars!  My mouth just fell open.  Then he said, "Can you help me get the other 20 million dollars out of the car?"
By Paige 

My Reflection

Every Monday in class for writing we do something called the 100 word challenge.  The 100 word challenge is when we write a piece of writing that has to be 100 words.  This week we had to right the words suddenly I saw in our writing.  The easiest part of the writing was the begining because we got to brain storm before we started writing.  My next step is to write another suddenly I saw.

Charlottes web diagram

My Reflection 

In class we have been reading Charlottes web by E.B White.  We have also been doing some activity's and one of the activity's was a true and false about spiders.  The easiest question was " A spider's leg has seven segments. " because it said in one of the parts.  My next step is to finish more activity's and upload them to my blog.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

My Pepeha

My Reflection

This is my Pepeha.  I have been learning to introduce myself using my Pepeha.  We also made some out to display my Pepeha.

T1 W8

Life Education Van            

Last week Room 29 went to the life Education van.  We got to meet Harold the giraffe and Celia the life ed teacher.  The class had to watch a sort clip about Harold's friend Billy moving schools and how he felt.  We also learnt about feelings such as guilty, happy, sad, angry, lonely etc .  The whole class also got a Life ed activity book.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

T1 W7

My Pepeha art

For the past few weeks the class has been doing a type of art called Pepeha art.  Our  pepeha arts have four different backgrounds to them.  The backgrounds represent our culture, our river , our moutain and a free choice.   The hardest area to do was my culture because it had lots of detail to it.  I really enjoyed doing the free choice area because I got to chose what I wanted to have in it.

Monday, 16 March 2015

My Place value Maths

My Reflection
I was learning to read numbers up to 900 000 and to say which is bigger or smaller.

The thing that helped me most was 
 seeing patterns in the numbers that don’t change when they get bigger

My next step is to
try the same activity suing bigger numbers

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Term 1 Week 5

Last week room 29 went to Te tuhi to make our tapa cloths.  It took quite a long time to get there because we had to walk and it took for ever.  The first thing we did when we got there was ... wait, yeah we had to wait for or Te tuhi teacher his name was Jermey and he helps us with our art and he shows us stuff, and all that.  A little while later we had to go to the art room and then Jermey was talking to us about what we had to do.  So first when we got our tapa cloths we had scrunch them up into a ball to make them all crinkly and old looking.  Then we had to put dye all over our tapa cloth papers.

Term 1 Week 6

Yesterday I went to digikids because I am a digikid ( YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY ).  At digikids we learnt how to change our backgrounds on our blogs and we also learnt how to make an apropriate comment and the last thing we learnt was how to change our backgrounds and pictures on email ( But I already knew how to do that ) .  My most favourite thing to do was change our backgrounds on our blog because ever since I knew you could change backgrounds on blogs I always wanted to.  I can't wait until next week at digikids because next week we will be doing coding ( OMG ) !!!