Friday, 30 October 2015

T4 W3

Fantastic Friday

"Yay, today's Friday!" I said "Fantastic Friday! (Fantastic Friday is something that we do on a Friday afternoon, and we get to do really fun activities.) said Annika (Annika is one of my friends.) "We're gonna do cool science, I can't wait." replied Tanielle (Tanielle is another one of my friends.) "You guys are lucky, I have to do ukulele." Annika complained.  "I know." I teased.  "Oh yay, it's lunch time!" shouted Tanielle. "Then we can do cool science." I sang.  We raced to the cloak bay and grabbed our lunch boxes for lunch.

After lunch time everyone dashed to where they had to go for Fantastic Friday (I was going to my class because that's where cool science was happening.)  "Hello everyone, welcome to cool science." cheered Mrs Robinson.  "Good afternoon Mrs Robinson." Grumbled everyone.  "Usually Mrs Graham will be here but since she's away I will be here." Mrs Robinson replied.  "Today we will be doing the egg drop challenge, do any of you know what that is?" Asked Mrs Robinson.  Everyone started putting their hands up.  Finally Mrs Robinson said "What we are going to do is, we will give you a bag of materials and an egg, so what you have to do is make something to protect your egg, and before we give you the materials get into groups." Mrs Robinson instructed.  Everyone started moving around and then I was in a group.

Mrs Robinson started handing out plastic bags with materials in them.  I saw some string, two straws, some newspaper and a green balloon. "You can also use tape and scissors." Mrs Robinson commented.  "Okay you can start.... now." Everyone started rushing and then ten minutes later Mrs Robinson said... "Everyone stop!"  Everyone paused in rush and excitement.  "We are going to the shade area to drop our eggs now."  Everyone started walking down to the shade area and then my group said "Paige your dropping it." Then I rushed up to the top of the shade area and it was my turn I stood up on the bench and dropped the egg hidden inside its wrapping.  When I ran down to the bottom I grabbed our egg and opened it.  Everyone from my group gathered around me asking question like "Did it survive?"  "Is it okay?"  "What happened."  When the egg was finally reveled we saw that it had ...... CRACKED!!!  We were all like "NOOOOOOOO!"  When we got back into our room everyone went back to their class and Fantastic Friday was over.  I thought it was fantastic!

Identifying Authors Bias

My Reflection

I have been learning about balanced and biased stories.  I had to read some balanced and biased stories and then write my own.  I found writing my own balanced and biased stories tricky because I took a while to find something to write about.  My next step is to write longer articles.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

My Character Description

My Reflection

I was learning to write a character description of my grandparents.  I had to watch a video and read an example of a character description.  I found it easy because I didn't really have to do much.  My next step is to write a character description about myself.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Fact or Opinion

My Reflection

I was learning about fact and opinion.  I had to read some text and write the authors opinion.  I thought it was a little tricky because I got stuck on the connection question.  My next step is to write my own fact and opinion.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Probabillity with Yahtzee

My Reflection
I was learning about probability.  I had to play Yahtzee and using probability.  I thought it was fun because I enjoy the game and I like probability.  My next step is to learn more about probability.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Fact Finding in Non-Fiction Texts

My Reflection
I was learning to find facts in non-fiction texts.  I had to find three articles, one about sports, one of my choice and one news one.  I thought it was difficult because I took a while to chose a sport one.  My next step is to find facts in fiction.