Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Hoshino Gakuen Primary School Visit

Last week (on Thursday) we had a few students from Hoshino Gakuen Primary School which is in Japan.  In the morning block we had a bunch of different rotations and one of them was trying on a Komino.  Here is a photo of me trying on a Komino.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Maths Evidence - Term 3

 My Reflection 

Walt: solve subtraction problems using PVP (Place value partitioning)

I was able to solve this problem using PVP.

I found it quite easy to use PVP because I already know how to.

Next time I want to use PVP on a different maths equation.

Bike Skills

 My Reflection 

Walt: go down the stairs on a bike.

I was very proud of myself when I got to the bottom of the stairs because I have never done this before.

At first I was a little bit nervous but I did it in the end.

Next time I want to go down longer stairs.

My Letter to Mrs Plowright

 My Reflection 

Walt : use persuasive words to persuade Mrs Plowright to keep the school holidays.

I was able to use a lot of persuasive words in my piece of writing.

I found it quite tricky to come up with some reasons why we should keep the school holidays.

Next time I want to write another piece of persuasive writing.

Stop Swearing!!

 My Reflection 

Walt: use persuasive words and writing to create a speech.

I was able to use lots of words that related to the topic of my speech.

I found it quite tricky to replace the word reason because I used it quite a lot when I first started my speech.

Next time I will write a speech about a different topic.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Reading Evidence Term 3 - Porridge

My Reflection

Walt : locate relevant information in order to infer ideas and information that is not directly stated in the text “Porridge”.

I was able to locate relevant information or ideas in the story "Porridge".

I found it quite easy to get the answers because I had the text to help me.

Next time I would do this without the text to help me.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

School Values

My Reflection

In Room 19 we have been learning about the Elm Park School values.  I found it quite tricky to come up with examples for the values.  Next time I will come up with more examples.