Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My Kaitiaki Art

My Kaitiaki is Purama.  I used cool to write some adjectives about my God.  I enjoyed this art because I liked the part when I got to use cool text.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Comparing Characters Venn Diagram

 My Reflection 

I was learning to identify character traits and to compare characters based on these traits.  I had to look for my characters physical traits and their social traits.  The hardest traits to find were the emotional because I didn't really get my characters feelings.  The easiest traits were the physical traits because there was a picture of my character on the front cover of my book.

My Speech

How Youtube is good for you

What has learning videos, videos that can make you happy when you’re sad and lots of fun and interesting videos, thats right Youtube.  Hi i’m Paige, somehow Youtube is good for you and I am here to tell you how !

Well firstly did you know that there are a whole bunch educational video’s on Youtube for example, there are videos that can help you understand a subject more than you already know, like there are some videos that show you how to learn a maths strategy or how to read words okay well let’s just say there’s some videos that make you feel like you’re in a class room.  Did you know there are also tutorial videos like there are videos on Youtube like there are drawing step by step tutorial videos, cooking tutorials, and makeup tutorials I mean you would do some learning from a makeup video right?

Secondly when you are sad, bored or if you just want to go onto Youtube you can go onto Youtube for about half an hour and by the end of the day you won’t feel sad or bored you’ll feel happy and well happy.

Thirdly and finally did you know that if you create a Youtube channel you might get paid five dollars every one thousand views so you can get paid for doing something you love witch is making videos because you know thats what a Youtube channel is uploading videos I mean what else would you do with a Youtube channel?

So I hope you enjoyed my speech and I hope you might use Youtube but not to much !

My Reflection

In class we have been learning to write a speech, I have done a informative speech.  I found it easy to write my conclusion for my speech because I found that it was the easiest part of my speech.  I found it tricky to find a topic speech because there is so many topics to chose from.  Next time I could make my speech longer.

Friday, 12 June 2015

T2 W8


A few weeks ago I went to Harvey Norman and brought a chromebook laptop for the BYOD program we are doing at school.  Two weeks ago I brought my laptop to school to get a special update put into my laptop, and a couple hours later my laptop got delivered to my class!  I was soooooo super excited that I get to use my new laptop at school because I was the first girl to have my own laptop to use at school.