Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Whale Rider Venn Diagram

 My Reflection 

Walt: find direct or inferred evidence in the text to support a character trait for a particular character in the story.

I was able to identify character traits for a particular using evidence from the text.

My next step would be to use the character traits and evidence to find the purpose of a character in a text.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Maths Evidence

Walt : find fractions of sets by using multiplication and division eg. ⅓ of 21 is 7.

Question: Jane has 30 balloons and is sharing them with her friends Kelly and Sofia. Kelly gets 1/6 of 30 balloons, Sofia gets 3/6 of 30 and Jane gets the rest of the balloons that are left. How many balloons does each friend get?


My Reflection

We have been learning to find fractions of a set by using our multiplication and division facts.

I understood that I needed to divide the amount in the set by the denominator eg. 21 divided by 7 is 3. I found writing my own question quite difficult because I have not wrote my own fractions question before.

Next time I will come up with more difficult questions to answer.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Zentangle Art

IMG_2297.JPGZentangle Reflection

In term one and term two we have been focussing on zentangle art.  We first had to practice different types of zentangle patterns.  Next we had to chose and sketch an animal for our art.  Finally we had to put our patterns and animals onto a piece of A3 paper then colour our patterns.

I found it tricky to think of what animal to do because at first I was going to do one animal and then I changed it to a different animal until I finally made my decision.  I also found it quite tricky to think of different patterns because I was trying to think  of different unique patterns.

Now that I know how to do zentangle I will use it to decorate other pieces of my work like poems or other art.

Autumn Personification Poem

My Reflection

In writing this term I have been focusing on using interesting vocabulary to make my writing appealing to the reader.

I was able to use personification in my poem.  I found it quite tricky to find different objects to personify for example I kept repeating leaf.  Also I found it easy to personify some objects because before we started writing we went out on an autumn walk to get some ideas.
Now that I know about personification I will use it in other pieces of writing. Over all I have really enjoyed learning about personification.